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Are you interested in working worldwide with UNO systems?

UNO Seisakusho Co., Ltd. puts ourself in a niche security bookbinding market where there are not much competitors available both domestically and internationally. The market share of the systems for Passport book manufacturing & Banknote finishing system is about 60% in the world. The customers around the world visit our site for the meeting or the inspection of their purchased system, and UNO people go to their site for the meeting, the installation, and the maintenance. UNO can offer you a very rare working enviornment that you can travel to work locally but work globally.

Current UNO opportunities
(Year-round recruitment is available for both New Graduate & Mid-Career)


Mechanical designer

Job categories:
Design / Development engineer (Machine & Mechatronics)

The candidate will be responsible for following business related to the production of UNO's automation system:

  • Designing machine parts and assembly drawings by the CAD.
  • If necessary, Machine adjustment work with the Mechanical assembly engineers on site.

Electrical design engineer & IT engineer

Job categories:
Sequence (PLC) control, Software and Application development (Control & Embedded system)

The candidate will be responsible for building the system of UNO's automated system by sequence (PLC) control, as well as supporting customer services such as maintenance.

The candidate will be also responsible for building the UNO's original Data Tracking System (DTS) and HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) environment of UNO's automation system by computer programming (C language etc.).


Mechanical assembly engineer

Job categories:Mechanical assembly engineer

The candidate will be responsible for assembling and adjusting UNO's automation systems.

After the system is completed, then there shall be the task of disassembling (at UNO factory) ,assembling & adjusting (at customer's site). Modification and maintenance work might be also requested by the customers.


Parts manufacturing

Job categories: Parts manufacturing

The candidate will be responsible for manufacturing parts which will be used for UNO Factory automation systems, by using various machine tools such as lathe, milling machine and drilling machine.



Job categories: International Sales / Domestic Sales

The candidate will be responsible for the following operations and management:

  • Sales activities to the customers (Writing Proposal / Estimate, Order negotiation)
  • Creating the Contracting the bidding related documents
  • Project management for the sold system
  • Preparing the documents for importing and exporting
  • Preparing the manuals for the systems
  • Daily customer correspondence with the customers

General Affairs / Accounting / Human Resources

Job categories: Administration

The candidate will be responsible for the following operations and management:

【General Affairs】 Internal Environment Development, Document Management, Internal and External Communication, etc.

【Accounting】 Deposit / withdrawal management, budget formation, etc.

【Human Resources】 Recruitment planning, Labor relations (Attendance management, Payroll calculation, General medical examination)


Purchasing and Production management

Job categories: Administration

The candidate will be responsible for the following operations and management:

  • Supplier relationship management (interaction with suppliers: negotiating contracts, purchasing & managing logistics and delivery.)
  • Project cost management & progress management, collaboration with the manufacturing department etc.

If you are interested in the above jobs or our company, please contact us by sending the Contact Form!