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Development of security systems with the world's leadingexperiences and the technologies.

UNO has been developing the Security systems such as the Passport production solution and the Banknote finishing systems that affects national interests. Since UNO entered this security printing industry in 1980, UNO has developed "UNO" brand and established ourselves as the world's leading producer for the Security systems. Meanwhile, Passports has turned to Electronic passports, the number of security features of Banknotes has been increasing. However UNO has kept and UNO will keep developing the industry's most advanced systems with you customers.


Passport production solution


UNO Passport production solutionis loved worldwide!

UNO Passport production solution is completed by these three machines "Lead Machine", "Follow Machine" and "Laser Perforation System" for a three stage process. However the solution can be achieved by more intergrated machines (one or two machines) or more individual machines (four or more machines). It is also possible to purchase our "Laser Perforation System" only, if you are using other manufaturer's systems in the previous process.

Banknote finishing system


UNO Banknote finishing systemis loved worldwide!

There are 2 types of UNO Banknote finishing system such as "UNO Fully Automated Banknote Finishing System" and "UNO Fully Automated Banknote Finishing and Linkage System". The system can be selected by your needs; UNO Fully Automated Banknote Finishing System shall cut, band (100 notes & 1,000 notes) and pack, and UNO Fully Automated Banknote Finishing and Linkage System shall cut, collect and transfer to the quality control machine (SNIM) seemlessly without banding & packing.

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