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1. Universal Features

"Universal" means, the system to be able to produce following most type of Passports in the world.

Number of page

12-80 pages

Method of Number Printing

Impact / Inkjet

With or Without RFID chip

e-Passort / MRP

Location of Number Printing

Top / Bottom / etc.

e-Passport type

e-Card type / e-Cover type

Location of Laser perforation

Top / Bottom / L-shape / T-shape

Material of Data-page

Paper / PC-card

Method of Sewing

Double loop / Inter lock

Location of PC card

Front / Back

Method of Sewing

Double loop


Inter lock


e-Passport type

e-Card type


e-Cover type


Laser perforation type

L-shape (perforating through the back cover)


T-shape (not perforating through the cover)


Location of Laser perforation



2. High Production & Quick response


“High production” is the one of the reasons, our systems have been chosen by many countries.

Our strong feature “Speed” is appreciated not only for “High production” but also “Quick response”. It helps in case of urgency (short notice order) that every client will face.

Our systems become the solution in these situation so-called “Just-in-time production”.


3. Flexible Integration


UNO system can achieve highly advanced automation while maintain “Redundancy (Well-balanced machinery)”, with minimum operators. To produce the complete passport booklet, three (3) machines (LM, FM & LP) configuration is our standard.

However we can propose either “Far-Integrated system” or “Far-Individual system". Even integrated system, the “Sectional drive technology” enable to operate just like each individual system.

Furthermore, it is very flexible to add/incorporate other functions/units because of Cell-design-concept. It can comply for the future requirement.


4. Seamless linkage to Issuing (“Harmonizer”)

Centralized Issuing concept named “Harmonizer” (FULL-PERSONALIAZATION) would be an alternative solution to eliminate the risk of counterfeit by not producing any blank booklets.

If every single booklet has own personalization data before distributing, it must be the best practice against distributing any blank booklets.


5. Customer around the world!

Since the establishment back in 1929, UNO has been continuing manufacture HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE & HIGHLY EFFICIENT SYSTEMS to bring more profits to our customers around the world.

Feel free to contact us!